Morten Winsløv

Morten Winsløv

Hired in 1994 and partner since 1 January 1998. Morten Winsløv has been a qualified lawyer since 1993 and has held the right to appear before the Supreme Court since 1998. Morten’s main areas of expertise are providing general commercial advice related to business law, ownership transition, restructuring of companies and the drawing up of contracts; advising utility companies; and advising on procurement law, mainly in relation to property and construction law, including conducting proceedings before the Danish Building and Construction Arbitration Board. He also heads our department of mortgage debt collection and property tax debt collection, and has expertise in all matters related to forced sales.

He has long-standing experience of assuming directorships in commercial enterprises.

Morten has shown responsibility towards the local community by, among other things, chairing GreveSolrød Erhverv business association and Greve’s sports centre, and joining the board of Portalen cultural centre.

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Allan Schouw-Petersen

Allan Schouw-Petersen

Hired in 2004 and partner since 1 January 2013. Allan Schouw-Petersen has been a qualified lawyer since 2003 and has held the right to appear before the Supreme Court since 2011. Allan’s main areas of expertise are providing general business advice to small and medium-sized enterprises, e.g. on ownership transition, acquisition and sale of companies, preparation of contracts, construction law, conducting arbitration proceedings before the Danish Building and Construction Arbitration Board, and providing advice on procurement law. He also handles cases involving administration of the estates of deceased persons and the buying and selling of property.

Allan maintains directorships in several commercial enterprises and has thereby gained insight into how to provide value-creating advice to shareholders.

It has always been second nature to Allan to take on voluntary positions and duties. For example, he has been chair of GreveSolrød Erhverv business association and a member of the sponsorship committee of Greve Strand Badminton Club.

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Kim Hansen

Employed in 2021. Kim became a lawyer in 2010 and has in-depth knowledge of the administration of cooperatives and owners associations, as well as investment and rental properties. Kim has chaired more than 700 general meetings and has expertise in advising boards, owners and shareholders.

In addition Kim is in charge of real estate transactions, purchase and sale of houses, condominiums and cooperative housing. Kim assists with proactive advice in all aspects of real estate and commercial and housing tenancy law, including bailiff and housing law cases as well as foreclosures.

For boards of directors Kim holds courses in board responsibilities, personal data protection law and interpretation of various articles of association.

Kim has been appointed by Ejendomsforeningen Danmark as housing judge at the Housing Court of Copenhagen and at Frederiksberg and he is a delegated member of the association. Occasionally, Kim offers his services pro bono at the legal aid institution in Frederiksberg.

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Marianne Brichmann Andersen

Marianne Brichmann Andersen

Hired in 1985. Marianne is a state-authorised estate agent and director of Sydkystens Ejendomsadministration, which manages commercial properties, rental properties, as well as properties on behalf of cooperative housing associations and owners’ associations.

Marianne mainly deals with the buying and selling of properties, including commercial and rental properties, in her capacity as property adviser to (often third-generation) home buyers and sellers. She also has long-standing experience of providing advice on legislation related to residential and commercial property rentals and of managing property development projects in our project department.

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Anette Gericke

Anette Gericke

Employed in 2002. Anette Gericke, who was also employed in the firm from 1994 to 1999, was educated at the Court of Roskilde, and later as a legal secretary and principal secretary within commercial law.

She is responsible for the administration of private and commercial rental properties and cooperative housing associations. She also works with property-related matters in general, including digital land registration.

As a result of her administrative tasks, Anette is in contact with a wide network of builders, banks, mortgage banks, and more. She is also involved in development tasks for the project department.

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Helene Hove Christensen

Helene Hove Christensen

Hired in 2008. Graduate from the Danish School of Public Administration, Bachelor of Commerce in business economics, qualified as a legal secretary in 2010. Today Helene is a paralegal.

She handles a range of secretarial functions, primarily within company law and cases involving advice to individuals and businesses. She is usually the first person the clients meet, whether in person or on the phone.

Helene is the company’s IT superuser.

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Christine Rohde

Christine Rohde

Hired in 2009. Christine Rohde graduated from the basic legal secretary programme in 2001 and the higher legal secretary programme in 2004. She became a paralegal in 2009.

Christine primarily deals with administration of the estates of deceased persons, the preparation of wills and marriage settlements, property transactions, litigation and arbitration within construction law and related matters.

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Charlotte Holmberg

Charlotte Holmberg

Hired in 2011. Charlotte Holmberg qualified as a legal secretary in 1987 and became a paralegal in 2016.

Charlotte has extensive experience as a legal caseworker. Charlotte is mainly involved in debt collection of claims, including mortgage debt collection and resulting forced sales. She also assists in cases for companies, such as litigation and arbitration cases, as well as with the firm’s advice to private individuals.

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Helle Clemmensen

Hired in 2015. Helle Clemmensen was educated at the Court of Nykøbing Sjælland, qualified as a legal secretary in 1990 and became a paralegal in 2016.

Over the years she has gained experience of most of the tasks associated with working as a legal secretary. Today Helle’s main work areas are mortgage debt collection, case management of corporate cases and completion of property transactions. In addition, she assists with litigation and providing legal advice to private individuals.

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Dorthe Brejner

Hired in May 2017 as a legal accountant, Dorthe has 11 years’ experience of legal accounting. She was trained as an accounting assistant at an audit office in 2002.

Dorthe handles the firm’s accounts and assists with property management in the firm’s property management company, Sydkystens Ejendomsadministration, where, among other things, she manages the accounts of around 20 associations.

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Rikke M. Bendixen

Rikke M. Bendixen

Hired in 2020. Rikke graduated in 2017 from Køge Business School, where she took her matriculation exam. In 2018, Rikke took a 5-week EUS course as part of the legal secretary education. During her previous employment with Mazanti-Andersen (2017 to 2020) in 2019 she took a 9-month legal secretary course (Jura Plus, Danske Advokater). She will be working as a law clerk in the office for the next two years.

During Rikkes education at Winadvokater, she will get around all departments and learn about the various legal specialties of the company.

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